Our solution based on a unique algorithm in the pioneering field of human
understanding is able to effectively detect, classify, mask and track animate/inanimate
objects for suveillance, security, commercial, reserach and enforcement purpose
interworking with Big-data analysis.
Unique algorithm for edge detection

I Masking software is the purpose of protecting
a private life to prevent unwanted leads of
personal data by making out faces of unexpected
passerby appear in CCTV recording in public area.

Face Recognition, Biometrics
I-MASKING for privacy
MetaFace2phone VIEW MetaFace
Our solution MetaFace v2.0 received the "GOOD SOFTWARE" award from Korea TTA.
It has been a first and unique award in the field of Software Engineering in Korea. By taking
our patent technologies based a concepts of human factor and spatial recognition, it is able to
combine with your current system in sercurity &commercial uses and other applications.
MetaFace v2.0



We develop software based on a unique alorithm in the pionnering field of human understanding, which uses a single camera that can also measure the distance in real time and recognizes and tracks/masks multiple physical entities.


IT Solutions

Our solution is an unprecedented breakthrough in real-time image recognition and tracking, taking the concepts of such congruous technologies and combining them with the human factor and to create a powerful, one-of-a-kind turnkey solution.


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Application FieldImage Recognition

  • Smart CCTV in smart city

  • For identifying authorized/unauthorized people, traffic analysis and can give automatic warning in real time

  • Retail Analytics

  • The solution to reduce inventory cost and shoplifting ,and for marketing integrated with POS system

  • Factory Automation

  • Automatically error detection such as recognition of the letters and VIN by pattern of shape

  • Automobile Applications

  • Making possible the applications such as authorized drriver only alarm system, texting prevention while driving and traffic sign recognition

Example Video- How to used in practical life in the filed of retail market

Our solution is an unprecedented breakthrough in real-time image recognition and tracking. By taking diverse technologies and combining them with the concepts of human factor and spatial recognition, we are able to offer a unique and powerful tool with countless, far-reaching commercial uses and applications.