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We Develop Software based on a unique algorithm in the pionnering field of human understanding.


Technology scope and vision:

Human Understanding
e.g., face recognition, emotion detection, age and gender retail and non-retail preferences
Public Life Enhancement
e.g., personal and public safety and security, surveillance
Lifestyle Enhancement
e.g., quality-of-life improvements, retail convenience
Business Activation
e.g., product development and marketing, facilitation of new commercial enterprises, marketing research
Socialized Entertainment
e.g., social networking, social and business communications

Who we are & What we do


Our LAB was formed in 2005 with providing IT service for some of the world’s most demanding data analysis applications. Our software, which is based on edge detection is our unique patent-technology. was developed by Kevin Lee together with a team of six engineers, in Seoul Korea beginning in 2006. Patents issued in Korea in December 2012. Donex, the subsidiary company has merged with L&Y creative since 2015 as a laboratory for the image-recognition. We always have an innovative approach to latest technologies in the field of Security&Surveillance, Retail, Automobile and factory automation, enabling you to address your organization’s challenges with the most highly smart solutions.

 Our mission is  to deliver safe world and enhance life through the provision of our state-of-art technology.


Our award-winning Design team always welcome to share in creation of our experiences. Our capability  of design service such as product/mechanical design, 3d/2d PR material will be powerful property to attract your customer.
We pay attention not just to providing single service, but also to total solution provider.

Alogorithm of human understanding

IoT linking to Big Data

APIs for Predictive ERP solution

Design Art work



Winning Awards & Achievement

Certificate of Software Quality

Our software, MetaFace 2.0 is selected by “GOOD SOFTWARE” as the Korea’s first software-engine.

  1. Name of Softtware:MetaFace 2.0
  2. Certification No. :15-00026
  3. Date of Certification : 2015.2.2
  4. Issued by TTA(Telecommunications Technology Association)

Design Awards

Awarded at the 7th COLORFUL DAEGU URBAN DESIGN CONTEST. As tiltled” Exchange play ground”

Awarded at the 5th Jeju Public Design Contest. “Community cookhouse using rain water”