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AUTOMOBILE is possible makes various applications by single camera based our technology

Smart CCTV

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Factory Automation

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Speed limit for teen-driver and Drowsniness detection

Our solution makes possible the the application such as authorized dirver only alarm system, dowsiness detection, land departure warning, adaptive cruise control using camera based system and etc.


automobile face recognition

Texting prevention while driving

Speed limit for teen-driver

Drowsiness detection

automobile distance recognition

Authorized driver only alarm system

automobile recognition

Adaptive cruise control using camera based system

Surrounding awareness

Lane departure warning

automobile object recognition

Lane departure warning


What is different from others?

Our single camera based technology makes possible the applications such as Authorized driver only alarm system, Drowsiness detection, Lane departure warning, Adaptive cruise control using camera based system and etc.

face recognition 3D face polygon
automobile recognition

Our Solution

  1. Marketing tool purpose only
  2. Real time recognition of traffic signs while driving(possible use in speed enforcement)
  3. Adaptive cruise control using our single camera system(distance control and object tracking)
  4. Helps driving in rainy, snowy and foggy conditions
  5. Next generation auto theft prevention system using our 3D face generation


  1. No available systems of our kind
  2. Adaptive cruise control using radar-based system