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FACTORY AUTOMATION is the Vision inspection system, replacing the human eyes, inspects for correct placement of items during manufacturing process, such as door band during body assembly, VIN (Vehicle Identity Number) typing, stretching in the steel chain used in moving heavy objects, cracks in the body panel of welding, etc.

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factory automation

vision inspection in fa

Existing companies pursuing visual inspection solution are limited to the recognition of single object and single purpose.

case study

Application case field for auto inspection system in Korea automobile factory

Our recognition technology is customized to detect errors, and applied to the vehicle’s assembling line of economic car “ Morning”

Bending inspection System

Bending inspection System
Door Band Inspection

For Inspection

Inspecting whether the band which was installed to prevent dehiscence of body front and back doors in production line is not



  1. Need to consider for camera installation space.
  2. According to fixed system or mobile system, forms of lighting is different.
  3. Need to be customized by the color of the vehicle or the type of the vehicle
VIN inspection

VIN inspection

Analysis of images from existing inspection system

  1. Find dust attached to lens causing an error
  2. Error occurs due to the dust placed on character “E”
  3. Dirt on the lens makes the character error
  4. Caused by fingerprint on the lens as shown in red circle

Insepction and Detetion

  1. Inspect a defects of the typed character on steel sheet: Against the existing character recognition method as OCR
  2. Finding out features based on adaptive binarization: Endurable to the change of lighting
  3. Propose the way enable to reduce errors: based on context as character connection information
Chain Inspection System

Chain Inspection System

For Inspection

  1. The chain using in production line has the pitch at average 1200mm intervals.
  2. If the pitch’s intervals increases more than 3%, Alert system recognizes that there is a problem.

Practical Considerations

  1. The chain moves at a speed of the average 18m per minute.
  2. Time interval that appears on a screen with both pitch is average 5.24 seconds.
  3. If pitch interval exceeds the allowable range, system determines that there is a problem
  4. Mobile inspection system is useful rather than fixed inspection system

Method for inspecting chain– Imaging Systems

  1. Installing a set of cameras in place which both pitch looks
  2. starting inspection after Installing a movable plate background to recognize effectively the pitch
  3. Camera uses Resolution Full-HD (1920×1080), and capture board uses more than 30fps.
  4. To enter the actual distance per pixel to measure the actual distance is possible to measure the distance even as changing position


Vision Inspection in Factory Automation

Existing companies pursuing visual inspection solution are limited to the recognition of single object and single purpose.

factory automation recognition

Our Solution

  1. Can be used in various manufacturing
  2. High level of accuracy in measurement ,depending on the performance of the camera
  3. Customizable to customer’s needs and specifications
  4. Recognition of the letters and numbers of the VIN(vehicle identification number) by pattern of shape (Low error rate)


  1. Not customizable
  2. No available solution in automobile manufacturing
  3. Current inspection is done by human
  4. current available Used for one purpose.
  5. Recognition of the letters and numbers of the VIN (High error rate)