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RETAIL ANALYTICS is the solution to reduce inventory cost and shoplifting ,and for marketing integrated with POS system ,through measuring and analyzing the customer’s gender, age, residence time, traffic pattern and etc, in real time via face recognition and tracking.


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Our Solution, Metafacev.2.0 measures the number of visits, gender, ages and the residence time through the Image Recognition, and save/analyze them to utilize to marketing data .


Analyzing consumption pattern for reducing markeing cost and Smart behavioral Advertisement

Our Retail-Recognition Technology is a permanent marketing solution of analyzing customer data(e.g.customer count and customer traffic volume patterns) to assist in lease negotiations with prospective retail tenants.  Through reltime multiple location tracking an analysis of customer traffic flow pattern is possible.

Customer Face Recognition, Detection and Tracking

Our technology enables users to recognize and track customers on a real-time basis with the use of a single, strategically placed camera per designated area. In addition to its ability to identify and track specific customers, our software is able to detect, track and categorize a myriad of other human factors, such as age and gender, for purposes of advertising and retail-related statistical analysis. Unlike other face recognition products currently on the market, our software is able to simultaneously recognize, detect and track multiple individuals at multiple locations, all on a real-time basis.

behavioral advertisement
face recognition for retail analytics

Customer Behavior, Detection and Analysis

In addition to its ability to simultaneously identify and track individual and multiple customers, our software is a powerful analytical tool which enables users to recognize and statistically track,categorize and analyze, on a real-time basis, individual and aggregate customer behavioral characteristics, tendencies and patterns. This invaluable information enables users to better understand and to improve areas such as store location within a multi-store commercial facility,store layout, in-store merchandise placement, etc. Similar to its face recognition and tracking capabilities, our software Is able to simultaneously recognize, detect and track multiple customer behaviors and actions at multiple locations, all on a real-time basis.

Object Recognition, Detection and Analysis

Our software’s recognition and tracking capabilities extend beyond individuals and can also be applied to inanimate (i.e., non-human) objects. As a result, users of our technology are able to also recognize, detect, track and analyze, on a real-time, multiple location basis, numerous other data points relevant to retail analytics and operations. With access to this type of data, retailers are able to better understand their existing customer base as well as local prevailing market trends, thus allowing for the development of more effectively targeted advertising and marketing campaigns.

face recognition for retail analytics


VIP Customer Management

VIP Customer Management
Analysis of consumer procurement pattern

Creating data after real-time analysis of customer’s gender, age, staying time through face recognition

  1. Counting consumers who visited store
  2. Auto-analysis of consumer type
  3. Measuring staying time in store
  4. Analysis of consumer movement line and que line
  5. Analysis of visitor traffic who visited store
  6. Available to transmit customized ad by gender/age according to consuming pattern

Analysis of loss-of-inventory

Analysis of loss-of-inventory
Multi-purpose solution for marketing or reducing inventory level


  1. Costs huge amount of inventory loss
  2. Continuous expense is unavoidable due to the unpredictable consuming
  3. Confidence limit to centralization of business work
  4. Much time is spent on manual analysis and secondary work


  1. Reducing inventory cost
  2. Securing 24/365 analysis data at low cost
  3. Immediate/automatic marketing effect analysis
  4. New product planning according to procurement pattern analysis
  5. New concept marketing based on Retail Analytics technology

Advantage of proactive management

• Proactive marketing management by analyzing the consumer purchasing pattern

• Real time acquisition during 24 hours 365 days

• Prompt and automatic analyzing for the market status

• Effective plan for new product in accordance with purcahsing pattern

• Develop new business field with unique Retail Analytics

analysis and management

POS Linkage Analysis

– Secure the good quality of customer class data about customers

– Planning for Regional, seasonal stock

– Develop new items according to the buying patterns

– Planning Marketing/Events depends on the merchandises

image recognition for retail analytics

Store Analysis Solution

-Analyze the number of visitors, gender, ages, faces and residence time, and  make data.

– Through the store analysis & reporting, utilize it to innovative marketing

image recognition for retail analytics


smart advertisement for retail analytics

Our Solution

  1. Customizable
  2. Possible to be mounted to any mobile devices
  3. Real time data collection
  4. Secure customer’s privacy
  5. Face recognition with over 90% accuracy
  6. Information such as age, gender are determined by proprietary(our own) algorithm


  1. Limited to desktop system
  2. Expensive
  3. Require vast database to find the information, such as age and gender
  4. Not customizable
  5. Marketing tool purpose only