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Overview of Image Recognition

It is generally called a facial recognition system, a computer application for automatically identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. One of the ways to do this is by comparing selected facial features from the image and a facial database. Unlike currently available products using openCV(and future rumored technologies) that target/perform specific, individual functions, our patent application offering of image recognition incorporates face recognition, object recognition, gesture recognition and behavior recognition technologies into a single solution. Based on our unique algorithm in the pioneering field of human biometric understanding based on edge detection technology, our solution enables you to identify and track diverse objects including human body and images as well as face.


Introduction to Technology

  • 1
  • Based on unique algorithm

    Our patented software, which is based on a unique algorithm in the pioneering field of human understanding, is an unprecedented breakthrough in image and object recognition and tracking based on edge detection with the method of mathmatical cordination.

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  • Analyze of mutiple indivisuals and objects

    Through the use of a single-camera to measure distances (versus multiple cameras and/or sensors, as currently required), our software enables users to detect, track and analyze multiple individuals and objects, as well as multiple behaviors and actions, within one or more designated areas on a real-time basis. By taking diverse technologies and combining them with the concepts of human factor and spatial recognition, we are able to offer its customers a powerful “video data mining” tool with limitless commercial uses and applications.

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  • Minimal size & Integrated with current system

    Because of its innovative method of utilizing numerical codes, rather than images, to identify and store individual faces and images, the processing and data storage requirements associated with our technology is minimal in comparison to other “heavier” (i.e., more space-encumbering) face detection products currently on the market. Moreover, our software can be integrated with current closed-circuit TV cameras in use at most retail and public facilities throughout the world.

by application

  • Security & Surveillance
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Human Factor Analysis
  • Retail Market
  • Video Mining
  • 3D Face Generation
  • Factory Automation
  • IPTV
  • Image Matching
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Video Analysis
  • Object Tracking


Offers several value-added benefits
Because our comprehensive software offering can recognize and track people and objects, we can offer our customers several value-added benefits including:

  1. Being able to use existing infrastructure (cameras)
  2. Not requiring additional hardware
  3. Ability to be deployed with multiple applications
  4. Focused customization
  5. A multi-dimensional capability which enhances identification accuracy
  6. Prevention of unauthorized access
  7. Providing video analysis solution to meet the customers’ needs.

All of this in a  single, integrated, economical  software solution that is simple, yet flexible and scalable!

Single Camera used in real time

With single camera, our technology enables users to recognize and track customers on a  real-time basis  with the use of a single, strategically placed camera per designated area. In addition to its ability to identify and track specific people, our software is able to detect, track and categorize a myriad of other human factors, such as age and gender, for purposes of tracking the suspected and of advertising and retail-related statistical analysis.

Tacks multiple physical entities

In comparion with other recognition software currently on the market, our solution is able to simultaneously recognize, detect and track multiple individuals, multiple physical entities ( including face, people, objects, etc.)  t multiple locations, all on a real-time basis.

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