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Key Feature of Metaface

face detection

Face/Images MULTIPLE Detection

Able to identify and detect at once the MULTIPLE face/object/images from a SINGLE CAMERA or CCTV, in real time.

Face/Images MATCHING accuracy

Due to figuring out the objects based on the axis of 3D polygon pattern it is available to get more accurate result.


Transfer to data in accordance with tracing moving/tracking point. Saving with or without masking is selectable in real time.


  • MetaFace v2.0, it is available to search the specific person automaticaly by acquiring his information such as age, gender from offline.
  • Be sure of high speed and accuracy in a low level of harware.

Compabile to   iOS, Android, Windows, Linux under MFC OpenCV library.
2nd Generation Technology
  • Transform the data into both mathematical axis and 3D polygon at same time, and save.
  • By distinguishing the patterns in database, it is available to get the faster, more recognized but less storage.
  • Our Face recognition technologies , Compare to 1st generation which  are :
    low capability by saving image first, then compare the similarity between two images, which was limited to mass processing with low speed and recognition.


facial recognition object tracking


What is different with popular technology?

Unlike currently available products (and future rumored technologies) that target/perform specific and individual functions, our facial recognition patent-registered technology offering incorporates face recognition, object recognition, gesture recognition and behavior recognition technologies into a single solution, based on unique algorithm of edge detection.


MetaFace V2.0

  • Easy to customize
  • By our unique alogrithm of using both mathematical axis and 3D polygon
  • Compatible to mobilephone and Portable
  • Collect the information in real time.
  • Protect privacy with Masking technology.
  • No controversal on Infringement of Personal Data
  • Gurantee for more accurate results from other software
  • Competitive price


  •  Obliged to computer system or laptop
  • Necessary to preliminary mass database such as  a ready-made photos and other related  information
  •  Applicable to determinative business field
  •  A lot of cost
  •  Uneasy to customize




– Security access control

– Biometric ATM

– Vending machine limit for teen-ager

– Smart CCTV, Surveillance face recognition, Security camera pursuing the suspect for tracking


[Construct Secure infrastructure]

– Security and Intelligent Building

– Security guard by using smart glasses

– Strengthen the social safe network which connects to the data of face recognition to protect from the suspect

Retail/Brand Shop

smart cctv matching face

In compare with 1st technology generation which is unavoidable to  store the preliminary face’s images, MetaFace2.0 is available to save the images  in real time and  concurrently with when new customer first appeared in Video.  By interworking with the inventory data, it is available to reduce the stock management cost.


• Proactive marketing management by analyzing the consumer purchasing pattern

• Real time acquisition during 24 hours 365 days

• Prompt and automatic analyzing for the market status

• Effective plan for new product in accordance with purcahsing pattern

• Develop new business field with unique Retail Analytics

Safe Guards at School/Kindergarden


Our sofware enables the face with masking/mosaic> in realtime automatically when the object(person) is moving to another place. It is not necessary to manually masking operation.

Currently Korean government obliged  to install CCTV in all of the Daycare center and preschool for kid’s safety since Dec 2015. In order to protect his privacy, based on a the clause 18 of Act on the Protection of Personal Information, every kids center shall legally to store each face images after MASKING processing not to disclose it to others  to protect the privacy.


donexLAB의 얼굴인식 기술은 개인정보를 위한 실시간 마스킹(모자이크) 이 자동으로 적용 됩니다. 따라서 현존하는 기술과 같이 수동으로 모자이크 처리 작업이 필요하지 않습니다.

Integration with BIG-DATA

Based our technology of Face recognition our solution is to linked to big data analytic system.

[Security/Surveillance] Value Proposition

With its unparalleled real-time, image and behavior recognition, detection and tracking capabilities, our software provides users with a superior security and surveillance tool. By setting up one or more Virtual Fences or Virtual Zones on closed-circuit TV display, users are able to monitor designated zones
(whether an entire facility or a specified area) and to immediately alert security personnel upon the occurrence of any abnormal or unlawful behavior or any violent action involving one or more individuals, or whenever any person or vehicle accesses the designated area. Our software is also able to provide real-time detection and monitoring of other current day safety and security concerns applicable to multi-store commercial settings, such as identifying and locating a missing or abducted child, recognizing known criminals and detecting potential terrorist threats or activities.

[Retail/Brand Shop] Value Proposition

As outlined above, the competitive advantages and commercial benefits that our technology is able provide to retail stores are significant and far-reaching. Moreover, as previously noted, the cost of implementation of our software is relatively modest, particularly in light of its low data storage requirements and its ability to be integrated with current closed-circuit TV cameras in use at most retail and public facilities throughout the world. As a result, our software offers a tremendously compelling value proposition for owners of multi-store commercial facilities. Specifically, our technology, which is simple yet flexible and easily scalable, creates a new business model for owners of multi-store commercial facilities by generating additional revenue in the following ways:


•Facility owners are able to reduce their own operational costs by using real-time, multiple location customer data to create more efficient staffing and security models.
•Facility owners are able to command higher commercial lease rates from retail tenants by providing them with real-time customer data which helps to increase store sales and productivity (through more focused advertising, more effective store layout/merchandising placement, etc.) as well as reduce staffing and other store-related costs.
•Facility owners are able to command higher commercial lease rates from retail tenants based upon the ability to use customer data to ensure optimal placement of a retail store within the multi-store commercial facility.
•Facility owners are able to command higher commercial lease rates from retail tenants by ensuring a safer and more secure commercial environment.