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What is MetaFace2phone V1.0

Our solution, MetaFace2phone system which combines with MetaFace v2.0, is a platform capable to create association between faces and mobile phones on large scale privacy-friendly environment. The system will be useful for reducing marketing cost to analayze people’s behavior patterns in retail analytics, so that  personalizing advertisement is possible according to age and gender. In addtion this system can alert security forces about violation of legal requirement or public safety based biometric technology of face recognition.

MetaFace2phone analyzes potential customers who are passing by the road near your shop automatically based its technology of phone detection.

metaface2phone no wifi


MetaFace2phone is able to analyze clients who are passing by the street near your shop automatically based the technology of phone detection.
Key Feature
It is not necessary for people to turn on their Wi-Fi or Bluetooth any more. MetaFace2phone substitues for detectinng and analyzing as long as our Meta-device is placed within 100meters around Wi-Fi network or 1Km around LTE.

Unlike POS integrated type, MetaFace2phone is possible to deploy anyplace in your store.
mobile face recognition
mobile sensing detector

How It works (in retail shop)

⊙ METAFACE2phone system continually measures the mobile signal of passerby near your location.

⊙ By communicating with METAFACE’s data server in real time, it recognize your known people and potential customer of interests.

⊙ Once a matching is completed, our system instantly delivers the photo and related information such as age, gender and etc to your computer/mobile/POS system.

⊙ You are able to send text message to the individual and show him proper advertisement according to his ages and gender..

face recognition retail shop


What is different with popular technology?

MetaFace2phone is an unique solution worldwide as far as we know, and furthermore it is because that MetaFace2phone is operated based our own patent technology which is unprecedent breakthrough in real-time image recognition and tracking. We would be very glad if we have an opportunity to operate our system in your shop or newwork.

facial recognition edge detection


MetaFace V2.0 is based on technology for human understanding wit analyzing a customer’s gender and age in real time through the cameras which is placed at the POS or MetaFace2phon’s device

  • People counting
    – Measurement of the number of passerby who enter in and out from the stores
  •  Evaluate the time of stay
    – Figure out of  how long a customer stays in the store
    – Analyze consumer into which items he is interest in among goods
  • Visit-Count Rate
    – Analyze the actual numbers of visit-count for passengers
    – Measurement of  how many potential clients  visit your store in practical
  • Behavioral advertising
    – By usual tablet or TV, you can select the proper advertisement suitable to specific targets who may have interest in goods.
    – Our MetaFace2Phone advertisement platform will lead you the right  advertising and marketing according to customer’s age.
  • Low Cost Management
    – No need to add other device to analyze data like compure or server
  • Compatibility
    – Our solution is able to integrated with POS system stably as well as operated with highly performance.