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Facial Recognition with masking solution  


Face Masking for Private life against  CCTV

CCTV is deeply associated with SECURITY issue, so it is currently a common sight anywhere for crime prevention. However it is paradoxical that another security issue of privacy get increased according to market growth of CCTV. The more number of CCTV, the more privacy issue increases. I-MASKING is the purpose of protecting private life to prevent someone from collecting unwanted personal data. Appearance of unexpected passerby from CCTV in realtime can be all masked out. Also in case of recorded video, it can mask out face selectively.

facial masking recognition mosaic solution for private life

Screenshot of solution

i masking

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i masking


face recognition mosaic masking



Surveillance CCTV camera increases rapidly in recent year along with individual’s privacy concerns.

With the rising number of demand, anyone who appears on recorded video footage has the right to request the video should they need to. In compliance with data protection of the national law, CCTV manager is obliged to consider getting his CCTV footage masked for data protection reason with obscuring third parties or sensitive material on requested CCTV footage to prevent individual’s private life.


Technology’s Background  

Our face recognition technology is based on biometrics technology searching characteristics of several faces and action by one camera in real-time, tracking and matching to identify the objective person and application of masking for protecting of private life is available. And this technology can be realized by the camera even in notebook or smart phone with no special hardware module. It is more based on software and algorithm rather than installing additional component. Especially no physical additional cost is required because it can be linked with existing security system and payment system.

face masking privacy


Software description

Our solution, I-MASKING offers 3 highlight capabilities : Each has own strengths: for example, 1) masking the CCTV footage in real-time , 2) masking the recorded footage on CCTV in the step of post processing 3) masking single or multiple identities including face, objects as well a security zones

This CCTV masking software is the purpose of protecting a privacy life to prevent unwanted leads of personal data by making out faces of unexpected passerby appear in CCTV recording.


1) Masking on Real time while CCTV is recorded.

2) Masking the video footage after CCTV is recoreded.

Both are available whether Real-time processing or management after the affair


◎ TARGET of Masking

I-Masking is able to your CCTV footage safe for distribution by protection the identity of one or every person : for example masking only person’s face in a shopping mall while retaining clarity elsewhere, and also masking to hide specific area like physical security zone and object : for example security area in art gallery, a safe in your office,

◎ Who use privacy masking?
subway-station, Shopping complex mall, Park and any public places where causes controversial privacy intrusion issues is necessary to use.

One common use of a privacy mask is for ATM security cameras, so they can block out PIN number entry. There has always been a public concern about video surveillance in regard to private homes, so always be mindful of your video surveillance.

Just install on your existing CCTV system and ready to start promptly.

What is different with popular technology?

Not OpenCV, but own developed I-MASKING adopted private life protection program adopting 3D face recognition technology, so it can raise reliability of mosaic treatment

facial recognition object tracking for privacy cctv


  • ◎ Encoding face image information which client needs by real-time masking in server and transmitting to server
  • ◎ Computing average value and variance of each pixel of 300 frames
  • ◎Building background model by Gaussian distribution probability
  • ◎Detecting head, tracking and masking
  • ◎ Detecting and analyzing face, head and side view in blob zone by using background model
  • ◎ Changing scale and multi-tracking of dace and head by using distance conversion image
  • ◎ Applying mosaic/masking for detecting and tracking zone


subway-station, Shopping complex mall, Park and any public places where causes controversial privacy intrusion issues.